S for Skeptical

Am I alright?

My inner demons continue to fight.

I’m not naive, I’m vulnerable,

To pain, I’m susceptible.

Change is inevitable,

This world scares me, for a reason inexplicable.

I’m here,

But venturing out into this world looked so much more easier.

My dreams, my aspirations, goals and desires,

Bright enough burn the fires.

The flame is alive,

To achieve, I will strive.

For criticism is bound to come,

I will not let my spirit go numb.

Let’s celebrate, this wonderful life.

Obstacles are bound to come, but you, will thrive. 

– Avaneesh Mepani

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The Midnight Departure – 4.

‘If I don’t come off as needy. I have a certain favour to ask for. You need to deliver this to the man who lives on the fifth avenue. The address is attached to the package,’ I spoke.

‘What is inside this?’ he questioned.

‘They’re some things for my son. He’s 5 now. He lives with his mother. Whenever I’m in New York, I make it a point to visit him. He’s always been my priority but now, after the divorce and everything, it seems as if we’re 2 distant people. I miss him, more than anything else in the world,’ a tear fell from my eye, shivers ran down my spine and my hands started quivering. Even the thought of Michael hurt me. He was the only person I looked forward to meeting. It’s petrifying how the person who painted your white into a mixture of hues is now prohibited from meeting his father because he was unfaithful to the marriage. Not unfaithful in terms of infidelity but, unfaithful with his presence.

Toby looked startled until I snapped my fingers in front of him. ‘Nothing, it’s just that, Jake, I’m speechless. I’m not someone who judges people in their first encounter but you, you give out such a great vibe, something that resonates with me, something that I forgot to pursue in the long run. It’s just that, this news is appalling. I’m really sorry. I will deliver this to him.’

‘Toby, can you also please meet Michael and see how he’s doing. It’s not easy to live without the only ray of hope. And please, talk to him, engage yourself in the little games and just, be a father to him, for a day, it’d mean the world to me.’

‘Jake, it’s alright. It’s difficult to fathom the thought of not being able to see your kid. Don’t worry, have faith in me, I’ll meet him and be a father to him.’

‘And please, don’t tell Karen that you’re a friend of mine. Tell her that you’re a friend of Brenda, my sister and you’ve come to see him and give him a little gift. Karen and Brenda are good with each other and my sister will understand.’

‘Yes, absolutely. Now, take a deep breath, eat a little food, the air hostess must be on her way with it and sleep. Your dark circles are growing more evident and you look horribly exhausted. You deserve a good night’s sleep.’

I smiled and closed my eyes, distorted images of Michael showed up and I threw my head right up. I sat upright and ran to the washroom. I splashed the chilling water on my face and sat there, on the toilet seat. I sobbed, cried my eyes out as his images and Karen’s face flashed through my eyes. I was emotionally distraught but I decided to listen to Toby. I went back there, and since I wasn’t yearning for food, I closed my eyes and slept. 
Some time later, Toby woke me up. 

‘Morning, we’re at JFK. We’re home. And now, we part ways. Isn’t it surreal how enlivening this flight was. Despite everything, I loved this, every bit of it. I guess we’ll be meeting soon,’ he smiled and embraced me as we stood there, quietly just running down the memory lane and realizing what a journey this was. 

He walked out of the flight and my gut feeling told me that he’d execute my job extremely well. I took out my bag from the cabin luggage and scurried it through the rough carpet of the plane. I walked out and let myself get soaked in the sun. 

Somethings are unforgettable and the resilience of every human being is what is even more inspiring. 

(The end)

Story by Avaneesh Mepani.

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The Midnight Departure – Part 3.

‘Jake, I never expected us to hit it off really well but there is something I need to ask you. Can you…you.you..,’ he suddenly started stammering.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked, astounded.

‘I’m sort of intimidated by you. I mean I’m intimidated right now. It was better when the revelation of your fame hadn’t struck me. I felt equivalent to you. But now..’

‘Toby, it’s alright. My fame is a very transient thing. My book keeps me in the limelight, the same limelight that gets you on the top can bring you down with a crushing defeat. I’ve never trusted the showbiz industry, and I never plan on. We have contrasting personalities, but we’re all made up of skin, enough to conceal our darkest secrets.’

‘Oh, okay. This might sound hasty but I’m quitting my job next month. I’m opening a publishing agency that even organizes occasional book readings. Words have always astonished me and in this growing age of technology, I believe I can bring about a little change and divert the people to their initial source of entertainment, which still remains paramount,’ he spoke and I saw some sort of a spark in him. I knew this man would do well but since his insecurity was very evident, I couldn’t let him get carried away by flattering remarks. I had to be diplomatic while answering.

‘That sounds very fascinating. But what about the financial aspects of this? Have you thought this through?’ 

‘Yes, I have. I’ve rented a place in Manhattan and right now, it’s undergoing renovation. I’ve also changed the interiors, something that avid readers would find captivating. My wife has done the interiors. She’s an interior designer. And since I have been in the stock market for long, I know which investments will prove to be useful. Don’t worry, I have it all under control.’

‘You’ve perfectly tackled the monetary issues. You seem very calculative and that’s good in such situations. I’m happy for your agency. You’ll do wonders.’

‘Actually, I have a favour to ask,’ he unveiled a very serious look, as if this favour is the most predominant thing for this agency.

‘Yes, go ahead,’ I tried to ease the tension with a little smile, miserably failed.

‘I’d love it if you published your second book through my agency. And this is an absolutely impulsive decision I’ve taken. But when you were talking to that woman, you seemed at ease and since you’re such an acclaimed author, I’d love it.’

I was taken aback, not by this favour but the breakneck speed at which his brain works. He’d thought of all the aspects in less than 10 minutes. Something very commendable.

‘Yes, absolutely yes. I’ve always encouraged people with realistic prospects. I’d be more than happy to publish my book through your agency. I’m ready for the little delay that it may take as well. Have we made a deal?’

‘Yes, we have!’ his face lit up, it was flushed with a certain relief. ‘Just, one more thing. Could you be there at some of the book readings and discussions. The crowd is always satisfied with fruitful discussions and they would be thrilled to share with people who’ve scaled heights and transcended boundaries.’

‘I’m going to have to say no to this. Simply because, I don’t have a home.  Yes, I do have an apartment in Manhattan but I’m never there. From the busiest streets of Mumbai, to the filthiest and the most unsanitary nooks and corners of Africa to Florence in Italy to Mexico, I go where my work takes me. And I don’t work on just 1 book. I work on 3 books simultaneously. I observe people’s lives. They’re my inspiration, they’re my muse, they’re my undying support. I’m a nomad, I go where my work takes me. But I will make it a point to drop by when I’m in Manhattan no matter how overworked I am and no matter how jam-packed my schedule is.’

‘Oh, thank you. I suppose we cannot have everything on a platter. I’m just so ecstatic about the fact that you will publish your book through my agency. Thank you, it means so much to me.’

‘If I don’t come off as needy. I have a certain favour to ask for. You need to deliver this to…’
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The Midnight Departure – 2.

‘I was a hater. I hated writing. I always thought it was for the weak. That was a long existing preconceived notion but I fell in love with writing when I read a very convincing article on the sudden spurt of increase in population and that’s when I realized how convincing words can be. Words can very easily make you believe that you’re invincible. They can show you a totally different world, a world everyone longs to live in. And writing, for once makes you believe in the fact that this world is not getting worse with the passage of every dawn and every dusk. I have a different love for words and passion, something very enigmatic,’ my face lit up, with a broad smile.

And there, from the corner of my eye I saw a woman, reading my book, ‘The Midnight Departure.’ 

I couldn’t help but ask, ‘Excuse me ma’am, I don’t mean to invade in your privacy but could you tell me your honest opinion about this book? I see that you’ve read till the 216th page which means that you’ve reached Patricia’s confession which clearly means that the whole story is unveiling and I couldn’t think of a better time to ask.’

‘Who are you?’ she asked with perplexity. She was taken aback with the sudden curiosity that I had shown in the book.  ‘I’m a budding writer who’s just gathering a little information about people’s perspectives for the perfect story,’ I replied stealthily.

‘This book has taken me on a rollercoaster ride. I love how intricately the author has mixed the elements of love which have been added to a convoluted plot so articulately. Hats off to the writer for writing so flawless. This book has become an all time favourite,’ the woman’s words brought about a certain euphoric feeling. It always feels good to hear positive feedback for something you poured your heart and soul into. 

That’s when I heard a gasp from behind me and turned to look to Toby. His face was covered with amazement, a certain shock. He’d had an epiphany which was very evident from the changes in his facial expressions. It was as if all the pieces of the jigsaw had finally come together and formed the ensemble we all long to see.

I turned and giggled as he spoke, ‘Jake Massiford! The author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Midnight Departure. This name did send out a certain familiarity but it struck me now! The Midnight Departure is such a well written book. Wow, this is unbelievable.’

‘Quiet down! I don’t want that woman to know it was me who asked her that question. Also, thank you, but I’m not worthy of this applause. It’s just that I connect with this story somewhere. And the cliffhanger in the end is revealed in the 2nd part of the book. Brace yourself, releasing next month, ‘The Midnight Arrival.’ If you loved the first part, you might love this one as well,’ I smirked.

‘Jake, I never expected us to hit it off really well but there is something I need to ask you. Can you…’
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The Midnight Departure. – 1

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To reveal the art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. – Oscar Wilde

‘Hello sir!,’ said the flight attendant as I made my way to the first class compartment of the aircraft.  It had perfect reclining seats and a television with the latest movies and some audiobooks. What a man needs for a 16 hour flight. 

A man came and sat beside me, claiming the seat that a first class passenger requires to form a perfect bed. Nevertheless, I took a quick glance at him and got back to surfing through the various audiobooks. A middle aged man, well dressed, a sophisticated gentleman in short.

‘Hi! I’m Toby Cleinman!’ he called himself. I was glad that he began the conversation and erased the hint of awkwardness that was starting to rise between the two of us. ‘I’m Jake Massiford! Nice to meet you!’ 

‘So, what do you do for a living?’ he asked, his otherwise motionless body, turned towards me, awaiting a reply.

‘I’m a freelance writer,’ a certain feeling of pride arose in me when I told him my profession. It felt as if I belonged to a community of artists and that I belonged to the totally different, imaginative strata of society.

‘I’m sitting beside someone who’s a part of the community where appreciation plays such a vital role,’ he blushed, as if he was displaying the fact that he was honoured to be sitting beside me.

‘That is, undeniably true. What do you do sir?’ 

‘I’m the manager of a stock market company. I was here for some work regarding the same,’ he spoke and on his face I noticed a dash of boredom, not a boredom regarding the conversation but about the endless job and I was guessing, not so flexible working hours because he looked very tired. His face was wrinkled, there were dark, baggy spots under his eyes which made him look like he was living in purgatory.

‘Ah! So, do you like to be a part of the corporate world?’

‘Not really. I mean yes, my job does satisfy me but working aimlessly for hours, it’s taken a toll on my health. I’m constantly travelling. I’m always on a jetlag. My wife and kids are always complaining about how they’ve been reduced to mere acquaintances. My wife doesn’t get the required satisfaction. My kids have forgotten that they have a father. I’ve tried explaining my side of the story, my misery to them, but now, it’s slowly getting implausible,’ his lips quivered, a tear rolled down his cheek as he clutched on to the memories that were fading into oblivion

‘Sir, I know it’s hard but I think, you need to prioritize. I want you to understand that it’s just a job and no matter how dear it is to you, sometimes we have to let go of opportunities no matter how appealing there are. Maybe, just take your family out for a vacation. It’ll help you reconnect. They just might rediscover their father amidst all of the fallouts and complaining. Furthermore, you need to detox yourself. The endless working hours and the tiredness have made their way to your face. They are starkly visible ,’ I tried my best to convince him but it was futile.

‘Maybe you’re right. It’s just, when I see them cry, all my work, all my pain, all my frustration, it all seems worthless, inexplicable. I’m really glad that you’re in such a noble profession. It’s because of people like you that we get to reminisce, and take a detour from normality for just a little time and let the silence and the imagery engulf you. It’s like, we’re in a happy place, it’s solitary, but beautiful,’ he was smiling, brighter than the sun.

‘I’m glad that we still aren’t reduced to showbiz lovers and humanity stills exists. But I’ll tell you, even my life wasn’t surrounded by perfection. I was a…’
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C for Complicated

Remember when you sucked on a popsicle?

This world looked so much more simple.

Remember when we played hide and seek?

We hid in a spot so unique.

Remember when high school came by?

When people started becoming sly?

Remember when you started working?

To new ways, you were still adapting.

Remember when stress took over you?

When for some time, you had no clue?

Remember when you got old?
When Your body couldn’t bear the cold?

Remember when life became  monotonous?

When your fingers became callous?

Run down the memory lane,

It was beautiful but plain.

Our age is just a digit,

With it we can fidget.

For simplicity can be brought back,

Cut yourself some slack.

For we be simple again,

With just a hint of complications, perfection we can attain. 

– Orev(Avaneesh Mepani)

Transcending, or maybe transitioning.

A good man once told me, ‘Do what your heart wants.’ I still can’t stop thinking about that line. My dreams have clutched onto me, they don’t want to let go but we have certain norms, certain prejudices, certain stereotypes to break. We all dream, we all create imperfect fantasies, but very few actually make an effort to achieve that dream. I’ve had dark times, phases that I’m glad are behind me but don’t we all have a small part of our mind that is afraid to believe, to believe in the ways of this cosmos, to confide their darkest secrets into strangers but, aren’t we all concealed? 

Aren’t we all too afraid to let go? Aren’t we vagrants, trying to fit in this flawed society that’s clawing on our self confidence? In the end, aren’t we all humans, who are here to make a change, to change perspectives, to destroy preconceived notions and to be worthy of this life and love?

If we choose, we can live in a world of comforting illusion. Transcend boundaries, transition to what you really aspire.

But my fellow human being, you’re a survivor, just like I am, just like we all are and nothing can stall you, nothing can shatter you, unless you let it intrude, infiltrate in your mind and figuratively lobotomize you. But you, no matter how many times you’ve fallen, no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, no matter how steep the precipice is, You, my friend, are worthy of this life.