C for Complicated

Remember when you sucked on a popsicle?

This world looked so much more simple.

Remember when we played hide and seek?

We hid in a spot so unique.

Remember when high school came by?

When people started becoming sly?

Remember when you started working?

To new ways, you were still adapting.

Remember when stress took over you?

When for some time, you had no clue?

Remember when you got old?
When Your body couldn’t bear the cold?

Remember when life became  monotonous?

When your fingers became callous?

Run down the memory lane,

It was beautiful but plain.

Our age is just a digit,

With it we can fidget.

For simplicity can be brought back,

Cut yourself some slack.

For we be simple again,

With just a hint of complications, perfection we can attain. 

– Orev(Avaneesh Mepani)

5 Replies to “C for Complicated”

  1. Liked your post; well written.
    Well there is a quote that I really love and is actually haunting, ” Some people die at 25 but aren’t buried until 75″.
    Age doesn’t matter if someone wants to really live and not just want to breathe.

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