The Midnight Departure – 2.

‘I was a hater. I hated writing. I always thought it was for the weak. That was a long existing preconceived notion but I fell in love with writing when I read a very convincing article on the sudden spurt of increase in population and that’s when I realized how convincing words can be. Words can very easily make you believe that you’re invincible. They can show you a totally different world, a world everyone longs to live in. And writing, for once makes you believe in the fact that this world is not getting worse with the passage of every dawn and every dusk. I have a different love for words and passion, something very enigmatic,’ my face lit up, with a broad smile.

And there, from the corner of my eye I saw a woman, reading my book, ‘The Midnight Departure.’ 

I couldn’t help but ask, ‘Excuse me ma’am, I don’t mean to invade in your privacy but could you tell me your honest opinion about this book? I see that you’ve read till the 216th page which means that you’ve reached Patricia’s confession which clearly means that the whole story is unveiling and I couldn’t think of a better time to ask.’

‘Who are you?’ she asked with perplexity. She was taken aback with the sudden curiosity that I had shown in the book.  ‘I’m a budding writer who’s just gathering a little information about people’s perspectives for the perfect story,’ I replied stealthily.

‘This book has taken me on a rollercoaster ride. I love how intricately the author has mixed the elements of love which have been added to a convoluted plot so articulately. Hats off to the writer for writing so flawless. This book has become an all time favourite,’ the woman’s words brought about a certain euphoric feeling. It always feels good to hear positive feedback for something you poured your heart and soul into. 

That’s when I heard a gasp from behind me and turned to look to Toby. His face was covered with amazement, a certain shock. He’d had an epiphany which was very evident from the changes in his facial expressions. It was as if all the pieces of the jigsaw had finally come together and formed the ensemble we all long to see.

I turned and giggled as he spoke, ‘Jake Massiford! The author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Midnight Departure. This name did send out a certain familiarity but it struck me now! The Midnight Departure is such a well written book. Wow, this is unbelievable.’

‘Quiet down! I don’t want that woman to know it was me who asked her that question. Also, thank you, but I’m not worthy of this applause. It’s just that I connect with this story somewhere. And the cliffhanger in the end is revealed in the 2nd part of the book. Brace yourself, releasing next month, ‘The Midnight Arrival.’ If you loved the first part, you might love this one as well,’ I smirked.

‘Jake, I never expected us to hit it off really well but there is something I need to ask you. Can you…’
That was the 2nd chapter! Drop in a review, maybe send in your opinions about what the next cliffhanger should be. I might take one of them! Don’t worry, you’ll receive the credits.

11 Replies to “The Midnight Departure – 2.”

  1. First Friday brought me here. And I am glad that it did. You write really well. I like reading fiction and experimenting with its different styles. Good job with your story. Stay blessed and keep writing. Waiting for the next part!

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