Walking through it

Today as I ponder over my sins,
A realization dawns upon me,
I have an epiphany of sorts,
That every sin I’ve committed,
Simply entangles those knots.

Those knots that blend a plethora of emotions together,
Push me further,
Into an abyss whose depth is unfathomable,
And into a world where surviving seems inconceivable.

But then, I sense hope,
A ray of light that flickers on the other side,
The distance between us seems immeasurable,
The road further, rocky it seems, it still remains unpredictable.

I stumble over the uneven earth,
And descend into thoughts of a possible rebirth,
A suicidal feeling runs through my veins,
But quickly gets washed away as the light from the now visible crevices of the rocks gleams, brighter than ever.

I run towards that ray of light that’s starkly visible and brighter than ever,
I make my way through the vast and unpromising expanse
And then, a blood curdling feeling runs up my spine and makes it’s way to the rest of the body,
For the distance now reduces drastically,

Could letting go really get so easy?
I wonder but I still continue to walk for I know that a hope sits somewhere, in a tiny corner of my brain,
And I have to reach before it perishes,
I walk for miles as the ray of light gets closer and let go of the hustle and bustle that this world’s every place comes complementary with,
All the sounds fade,

This worlds unusually vast expanse seems smaller somehow,
The ray of light gets closer with each passing step,
And I simply gaze at it and let a tiny smile slip through the corners of my mouth,
It all looks beautiful,
Even if that ray of light might be an illusion, I for once don’t come off as pitiful

Here’s another original piece by me! Check it out and let me know!

I hope that you’ll find hope and strength to continue through this eventful journey of life and to endure all the trials and tribulations. Hope everyone’s having a good day!

Always, always, strike out the negativity, it helps.

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12 thoughts on “Walking through it

  1. Another beautiful piece! If I could make one small suggestion, itโ€™s hard to tell the end of the poem because your closing statements are so close to the poem itself (Iโ€™m reading from my phone, donโ€™t know if it looks different on a screen?) Maybe a different font or a line to show where the end of the poem is before your closing comments? Great job!

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